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$25 for signing up – that’s at least 3 gallons of gas!

I heard about this company about 4 months ago but I was pretty skeptical. I mean who would really give you $25 just for signing up by creating an account on their site?

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

I clicked on the link and started to fill out an account when I noticed that it asked for my SSN. I didn’t like that, so I closed the window and forgot all about it. A couple of weeks ago I saw the website mentioned on a more reputable blog and the author showed her check for $22.50 (the $25 – $2.50 check fee. You can opt to add a bank account and have it transferred in for free). I decided to do a little research. The company is a legitimate startup run by Steve Case and they are using their advertising dollars through this referral program instead of commercials, print, billboards, etc.

So, here’s $25. It’s free if you take the 30 seconds to sign up.

My account took about 24 hours to be verified and then I just clicked to accept the $25 from revolution money exchange and it was credited to my rme account. I added a bank account and once that’s verified I can transfer the moola over to WaMu.

Enjoy! ONE MORE THING – I forgot to mention that this is a limited time deal. Because I didn’t jump on this some may miss the chance. The offer expires on May 15th (my birthday) so you need to click on the green button below and sign up today if you want the $$.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

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