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Elevating Your Influence

“Man radiates what he is, and that radiation affects to a greater or less[er] degree every person who comes within that radiation” – David O. McKay

This has long been one of my favorite quotes and is the thought that comes to mind whenever I consider personal development. We’ve all seen the fruits of this concept in our lives, the smiling waitress that cheers up a gloomy table in an instant, the charismatic friend who can change a rooms mood just by being present, and even the ‘Debby Downer’ who can suck the wind out of the fullest of sails in the bat of an eye.

Yesterday I visited the Newport Beach LDS Temple because I felt my own radiation lessening. I needed to reflect, repent and recharge. I had a wonderful experience and felt a renewed focus to live my life in a way where others benefit from being around me. As a mortal man I make mistakes and the past couple of years seem to have had an extra load of trials and tough experiences. I know, however, that these can be a source of growth and learning and that the choice is mine.

A good friend reminded me through his example the proper level of priority Temple worship should be to an LDS businessman. That same friend then shared this video on his blog today.

What a great example of elevating your influence in the world around you!

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Chocolate Weapons

Since I’m promoting chocolate today, I thought I’d give another plug. One of my good childhood friends has come up with one of the most creative products that I have seen in a long time. Not only is it creative… it’s delicious.

Check out his site and buy some chocolate weapons. http://www.chocolateweapons.com/

I have a tin of the chocolate bullets and I can attest that they are quite delicious. As mentioned on one of the videos on the site, “it’s not that cheap, crappy chocolate” it’s the good stuff.

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Unprofessional Photographer

It seems that many people I know are taking up photography as a business. I have no interest in doing so, but I do love to take pictures. We were visiting Wrightwood a while back with the Blumes and I shot this picture. I call it The Craiger.

Click on the pic to see it full size. You know you want to.

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Social Networking and Charity

Thanks to websites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn I have been able to reconnect with many of my friends from ages past. These sites are also good for meeting and networking with new people, but I particularly enjoy the reconnecting part. Blogs have become more popularized over the past few years and there aren’t too many of us guys out here. One of my friends from the past, I think we trick or treated together in 1989, is Deyl. Deyl and his wife Paige have issued a challenge to the blogosphere… make them give until it hurts.

Deyl and Paige are going to donate $10 to Opportunity International for every comment on their post titled ‘Make me give ’til it hurts’ before the first Thursday in November. Go to his site and tell him Tyler sent you. Just follow the 3 steps he outlined… spread the word… change the world.

Thanks Deyl and Paige… you guys are inspirational.

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Magic Castle

We were very happy to be invited by some friends for an evening at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. We don’t get out to do couple’s things nearly enough. Dinner was good, dessert was great and the company was fantastic. There were some good magicians and shows as well but the best part was just spending time with my wife and friends, telling stories and laughing.

Tanya and I came to the Magic Castle a few years ago for a company party and had a good time. Somehow coming with friends made it a little more enjoyable.

Thanks for the invite Jeff & Laura! You guys rock.
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One of my favorite holidays

I love the 4th of July. Yes, I love the celebration of the independence of our Nation as I am a true patriot, but really I just love fireworks.

I was hanging out with my good friend and neighbor Craig and although I totally overstayed my welcome (sorry guys) we did have some fun with fireworks they brought back from the Valley of Fire in Nevada as well as shot his wrist rocket. Nothing like some juvenile fun after a long day at the office.

I wouldn’t have blogged about this otherwise but Sara jokingly asked if I’d already blogged the firework since apparently I mobile blog a bit. The video is pretty fun, but I turned it off before we noticed the ground was smoking which was great.

I’m looking forward to lots of fun pyrotechnically enhanced July 4th celebrations… so let me know if you have the goods and we’ll come to your place. I’ll bring hot dogs and a lighter.

P.S. Craig is an Architect and does great work… if you need any plans worked up or know of somebody let me know and I’ll get you in touch.

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$25 for signing up – that’s at least 3 gallons of gas!

I heard about this company about 4 months ago but I was pretty skeptical. I mean who would really give you $25 just for signing up by creating an account on their site?

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

I clicked on the link and started to fill out an account when I noticed that it asked for my SSN. I didn’t like that, so I closed the window and forgot all about it. A couple of weeks ago I saw the website mentioned on a more reputable blog and the author showed her check for $22.50 (the $25 – $2.50 check fee. You can opt to add a bank account and have it transferred in for free). I decided to do a little research. The company is a legitimate startup run by Steve Case and they are using their advertising dollars through this referral program instead of commercials, print, billboards, etc.

So, here’s $25. It’s free if you take the 30 seconds to sign up.

My account took about 24 hours to be verified and then I just clicked to accept the $25 from revolution money exchange and it was credited to my rme account. I added a bank account and once that’s verified I can transfer the moola over to WaMu.

Enjoy! ONE MORE THING – I forgot to mention that this is a limited time deal. Because I didn’t jump on this some may miss the chance. The offer expires on May 15th (my birthday) so you need to click on the green button below and sign up today if you want the $$.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange
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Dr. Randy Pausch – Last Lecture

I rarely read email forwards, but for some reason I watched this video that was forwarded to me today. I’m really glad that I did, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

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Time For Lunch

I got an email early yesterday morning from my friend Deyl inviting me to lunch. I’ve posted links to Deyl’s blog before but the background is that Deyl and I went to Elementary, Middle and the first part of High School together. I moved from San Diego to Wrightwood just before our Sophomore year. It was great to reconnect with Deyl and even though we didn’t have hours to chat since we both had meetings we had to get to I really enjoyed talking through a couple of deals. Deyl and his wife Paige have a great outlook on life and are both going to be household names within a matter of years.

As I was waiting outside the Cheesecake Factory at Bella Terra I overheard a couple of businessmen discussing a new product they were promoting. Since I try not to be shy about opportunity I introduced myself and we shared a brief, but rich, dialog. They invited me to help them with their product and we exchanged contact information. I don’t know if anything will come of the interaction, but I was pleased that I didn’t allow a silly fear of introducing myself get in the way of a potential opportunity.

I made it back to Chino a little late for my two o’clock meeting but not too late for it to be saved. I met with one of my new licensees and we went through some business strategies for how he can make good money even in the current market. There is a lot of opportunity out there and we are only limited by our own lack of vision.

A few business calls and emails later I was on my way home to my beautiful wife and kids. My twins turned 1 year old today… Happy Birthday!

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