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Time For Lunch

I got an email early yesterday morning from my friend Deyl inviting me to lunch. I’ve posted links to Deyl’s blog before but the background is that Deyl and I went to Elementary, Middle and the first part of High School together. I moved from San Diego to Wrightwood just before our Sophomore year. It was great to reconnect with Deyl and even though we didn’t have hours to chat since we both had meetings we had to get to I really enjoyed talking through a couple of deals. Deyl and his wife Paige have a great outlook on life and are both going to be household names within a matter of years.

As I was waiting outside the Cheesecake Factory at Bella Terra I overheard a couple of businessmen discussing a new product they were promoting. Since I try not to be shy about opportunity I introduced myself and we shared a brief, but rich, dialog. They invited me to help them with their product and we exchanged contact information. I don’t know if anything will come of the interaction, but I was pleased that I didn’t allow a silly fear of introducing myself get in the way of a potential opportunity.

I made it back to Chino a little late for my two o’clock meeting but not too late for it to be saved. I met with one of my new licensees and we went through some business strategies for how he can make good money even in the current market. There is a lot of opportunity out there and we are only limited by our own lack of vision.

A few business calls and emails later I was on my way home to my beautiful wife and kids. My twins turned 1 year old today… Happy Birthday!

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