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Action! – 31 DoBA – Day 15

Most people that read this blog know that I am currently in the Executive MBA program at USC.  In addition to the excellent professors, good curriculum and amazing campus I get great pleasure from associating with so many brilliant and talented people that comprise my class.  The class has about 70 people in it and we are going through the entire 21 month program together.

The last thing that we did today in class was complete a brief 14 question multiple choice test that was designed to reveal the test takers learning style (3 question sample available here).  The three possible styles were People Learner, Information Learner and Action Learner.  I ended up with points in each category but was very much a People/Action learner.  This makes sense to me and is what I would have guessed before the quiz.  Other people were a bit more surprised with their results.

All of that lead up brings me to a conversation with one of my classmates that I consider a good friend.  I was telling him about some of the projects I was working on and he kept pushing me for a firm date of launch.  He didn’t like my excuses about how there were external factors so he pushed for a date again.  Turns out he was very much and Action learner.  He and I often say this quote to each other, ‘Done is better than perfect’ and it is so true.

Is there something you’ve been talking or thinking about doing for a while now?  Do it.

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