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I mentioned a while back that I grew up hiking and camping with my Dad. We made it a 3 generation event this weekend with an overnighter to Wrightwood, CA. We made camp at Guffy and cooked hot dogs on the camp fire.

In the morning we took a nice 4×4 trail down to Lupine and took these great pictures.

We’re looking forward to a lot more hikes and camp outs like this one.


Just like 15 years ago…

As a boy my Father took me camping and hiking as often as he could. Because of my frequent exposure to the great outdoors I grew a deep connection with being on ‘the mountain’ as we tend to call it. Sometime around the age of14 or 15 my school activities and friends started consuming most of my weekends and the frequency of trips with my Father dropped of considerably. This morning we had a reunion of sorts as we hiked Mt. Baden-Powell just outside of Wrightwood. We hit the trail as early as I could muster the strength to arise, around 5:30am and caught a fantastic sunrise over Mt. San Antonio. The trail was a nice 4 mile ascent and I seem to be paying for my youthful strides. It was great to chat with my Dad as we climbed. I’ve missed hiking with my Pops.