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Obstacles vs Opportunities – 31 DoBA – Day 13

Day 12 of the 31 Days of Blog Awesomeness covered the idea of imaginary barriers that often stop entrepreneurs from attaining their goals.  Today is about how there is very little difference between obstacles and opportunity.

Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage. Niccolo Machiavelli

Most people think of obstacles as the barriers that prevent them from having access to the opportunities that could make them successful.  If they are pitying themselves enough they’ll even feel like they are the only one with the obstacles in their path and that others have opportunities galore.  A true entrepreneur recognizes that every opportunity comes with obstacles and that is exactly what drives them to succeed.

Obstacle: Something that impedes, stands in the way of, or holds up progress
Opportunity: A chance for advancement, progress or profit; a favorable circumstance or occasion

How can Machiavelli claim that these two are similar when they appear diametrically opposed?  An obstacle is usually present for everybody.  One of the barriers I hear the most is that many businesses and ideas take a great time investment.  Remember that everybody gets 24 hours in a day.  The successful entrepreneur knows that she can harness the power of those hours to accomplish her goals.  She also recognizes that many others will stop at the painted lines and let the opportunity slip.

Opportunity favors the bold.  Obstacles stop the slothful.

This is me on ABC’s Wipeout Season 1.  I’m in the red shirt.  A great example of how obstacles are also opportunities.  The winner of this competition got $50,000.


WIPEOUT episode on youtube

For those of you that just can’t get enough.

Here’s the part of ‘The Sweeper’ where you can actually see me.

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Wipeout Strikeout

Thanks to all of you who tuned in tonight to watch me WIPEOUT last night. Unfortunately the editors took no mercy on me and much of my efforts were left on the cutting room floor, along with my pride and my chance at the $50,000 prize.

Here are a few shots from when I was in the show, and a 4minute video/slide show for those of you die hard Tyler fans (my Mom).

The good news is that although I didn’t win any money I did get a funky throat infection that helped me lose some weight. My now healthier and leaner body is worth $50,000 no question.

The show is available to watch on ABC.com. My episode is week 6, season 1.

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