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Disneyland 5k – I’m practically a runner now

A little while ago I mentioned that my wife signed me up for a 5k at Disneyland. It’s been about 9 years since I’ve ran for more than a mile, so I started training. And then we went on vacation, and then I had a week long of 6am meetings, and then I got sick. The longest I’d ran was for about 15 minutes and I didn’t think I’d be done with the 3.2 miles in that amount of time.
Here is my hot wife and I right before the run.
The run was fun. The course went through the Disneyland Park and California Adventure. There were characters along the entire way cheering on all of the runners. My wife took lots of pics to show the kids, I was too busy trying not to burst a lung.

We made it. I didn’t die, but I think I need to keep running so it doesn’t hurt so badly next time.

Edit: Here is the course map for the Disneyland 5k. I couldn’t find it online so I had to scan it.
It was a fun run to be a part of, especially since we had friends and family along with us. We’ll see how we do training for the next 52 weeks.

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