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How To Set Up A Website- Volume 4 – 31 DoBA – Day 16

This is day 16 of the 31 Days of Blog Awesomeness and Volume 4 of the How To Set Up A Website series.  Today I’m going to share some of my favorite sources for nice WordPress themes.  The list includes free themes as well as paid themes.

What should you consider when picking a wordpress theme?  Everything in a theme is customizable so look more for the structure than the colors.  Themes that make it easy to change options like colors, widgets, column locations, etc make customizing your site much easier.

1. Smashing Magazine Top 100 – They created an excellent list of themes that are all free.
2. Theme Forrest – They have 1,000’s of themes starting at $1.
3. WooThemes – Another great site, less themes than themeforrest but very easy to use.

WooThemes - Quality Themes, Great Support

Now that you have a slick theme installed on your website you’re all set to start marketing.  In the remaining days of 31 DoBA we’ll cover marketing on Facebook and Google Adwords as well as using blogs to generate traffic.

How To Set Up A Website – Volume 1

Disclaimer – the links to themeforrest and woothemes are affiliate links.

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