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Outsourcing – 31 DoBA – Day 17

Productivity is an elusive goal for many.  Too often we get caught checking off one item on our ‘To Do’ list only to add two more.  It’s hard to keep up with the many demands on our time and attention, especially if you’re an entrepreneur trying to build your own business.  One tool at our disposal now more than ever is online outsourcing.

Tyler’s Rules For Outsourcing

1. Be Specific
2. Establish Milestones
3. Outsource Things Below Your Pay-grade
4. Don’t Outsource Your Name
5. Pay Promptly
6. Think Local

1. Be Specific – When outsourcing, assume nothing.  Write a very detailed summary of the project complete with examples and background.  You will reap what you sow in the specifics.

2. Establish Milestones – You don’t want to get to the end of the project to find out there was a misunderstanding.  Having milestones gives you an opportunity to make sure the project is on track and keeps the contractor focused.

3. Outsource Things Below Your Pay-grade – If you make $50 per hour and can outsource some basic tasks for $4 per hour why wouldn’t you?  Do not, however, outsource things that are high level $100 tasks unless they require skills you don’t have.  For example, I am not a graphic designer so I’ll pay for a logo or ad design since I can not do it myself.

4. Don’t Outsource Your Name – Not everybody agrees with me on this.  An author that hired a ghostwriter is an example of somebody outsourcing their name.  I’ve written every post on this blog and although I will have guest bloggers they will post in their name.  I outsource blog writing for blogs that are not associated to my name or personal brand, and so should you.

5. Pay Promptly – If you hire somebody to help you with a project pay them when they’ve done their job.  You will earn their trust and respect and are more likely to get continually favorable results.

6. Think Local – Although this post focuses mostly on overseas outsourcing or crowd sourcing I have often had success by finding designers, virtual assistants, etc locally.  Ask your friends and social networks who would be good for a project.  I did this recently and found out that a few of my friends were graphic artists and I didn’t even know.

Suggested places for outsourcing (I’ve used each of these at least once)

Logos & Graphic Design

www.99designs.com – Multiple designers create content and you select the winner.
www.logocare.com – Similar to 99designs except they use in-house designers instead of an open market.

Content and Websites

www.Elance.com – Very easy to use and has an escrow system to protect your funds.
www.freelancer.com – I’ve used this site to find people to post craigslist ads as well as video editing.

Virtual Assistants

www.RedButler.com – Simple and effective fulfillment of personal requests like booking tickets or basic research.  Use coupon code 56DF for 15% off your first month.
www.Elance.com – I’ve used them for a VA when I needed some help completing a project.

There are a lot more companies that can help with this kind of stuff.  Who have you used and how did you feel about the experience?

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