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Google Voice – 31 DoBA – Day 5

I am a big fan of the many wonderful services Google likes to let me use for free.  Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps (with free navigation on my phone), Google Apps, etc.  If you aren’t using Google Voice yet you are either missing out on some great features or paying too much for them.

Features that I love and why they are awesome

1 – One number rings to all of your phones.  My Google Voice number rings to my desk, cell and google chat.
2 – Switch live call from one line to another.  Say I’m at my desk and need to leave, with the push of a button I can move the call to my cell and head out the door.
3 – Call screening.  Does this have to be explained?  When you answer the call it announces who the caller is and then gives you the option to answer or send to voicemail.  Even after sending them to voicemail you can press * and connect to the live call.  You can turn of call screening for any number.  Turn it off for family.
4 – Pick your own number.  The last 4 digits of my number spell boat.  But in a more practical way this could help if you live in California but all of your family is in New York.  Getting a local New York area code could save some dough on Aunt Lula’s land line bill.
5 – Voicemail transcription.  The voicemails are transcribed and can be emailed or sent to you via text.
6 – Custom voicemail greetings.  Want your co-workers to hear a different greeting than your college buddy?  Set up a group and create different rules for them including greetings, which phones ring, available hours, etc.
7 – Call widgets.  Want people to be able to contact you but don’t want to give them your number?  Put a call widget like the one below on your site or blog.
8 – Cheap international calling.  Want to call China?  It’s only $0.02 per minute.
9 – Text from your computer.  You can text from your dashboard, which I love since I’m not a huge fan of typing out texts on my phone.
10 – Voicemail forwarding.  Did you get a funny message and want to share it?  Just forward it on and they can read the transcription and listen to it from their computer.

Google voice is great.  There are a ton more tips and tricks on how to get it set up and things you can do.  My understanding is that it’s open to join now, but if you need an invite just let me know and I can send you one.

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