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USC’s Shark Tank

The Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at USC had a new venture seed capital competition this year.  Last night some classmates and I attended the finals and the awards ceremony.  Twelve entrepreneurs pitched their businesses to the five judges.  There were a lot more than twelve hopefuls originally but through some preliminary rounds these were the finalists.  In the end six of the budding entrepreneurs left with giant checks.   Three with $5,000 and three with $12,500.

The whole event of listening to the pitches, talking with the presenters and judges and eating the buffet (well, the buffet was just a bonus) was invigorating.   Sometimes I get tired and worn out.  I love being an entrepreneur and the who process of idea to testing to design to launch is a thrill.  But it can be tiring, especially when some ideas go all Matthew McConaughey and fail to launch.  Being there with all so many people that were at different stages of the process but all excited about the journey was just what I needed.  The wind is back and my sails are hoisted.

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