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Dreamhost Coupon Codes

If you’ve read my tutorials on how to set up your own website (Vol 1 and Vol 2) you know that I use Dreamhost for a lot of my website hosting.  If you’re looking at signing up with Dreamhost here are some cool coupon codes that Dreamhost just sent me.   Update on 2/19/2011 the two codes crossed out have been redeemed.

Coupon Codes:


… you will get all these super special advantages not available any other way:

* If you choose our one-year plan, they’ll get $15 off!
* If you choose our two-year plan, they’ll get $100 off!

(Each code is good for only ONE sweet DreamHostering referral!)

Enter the 12-digit code in the “Promo Code” field when they sign up at:


This isn’t a big deal if you’re not looking for this service, but if you are it’s like an extra $100 you can spend on google adwords.  Woot!

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