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Web Exposure

I’ve been thinking a lot about transparency and privacy in the world of an entrepreneur recently.  Really, the concern is present for anybody seeking to have a good reputation in business.  A few of my classmates went to a presentation the other day on personal branding and I asked them what their main takeaway was.  Most of them answered with some variation that you should not create an alternate personality online but you should be yourself and tell the story about what makes you unique.

How often do you google (or Bing if you work for Microsoft) your name?

It may feel vain to search your own name but you can rest assured that prospective employers are doing so.  They’re probably checking facebook, youtube and twitter as well.  When I was hiring people at my last company I was amazed at how much people left ‘public’ when applying for a job.

If you have specific questions about how you can grow your web exposure please leave a comment and I’ll do a blog post in response (or if it’s an easy one I’ll just reply in the comment thread).  How can I help you today?
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