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The Return of Awesomeness

If Justin Timberlake were to write a sequal to his ‘hit’ song I’m bringing sexy back it would have to be I’m bringing awesome back.  Awesome seems to be a word from the 90’s that just won’t go away.  For a while it was being used to describe things that weren’t all that great, it had just become a standard description.

I use google voice, and love it.  Google had a post called “Google Voice, Explained” and at the end of the first video they declared that Google voice provided ‘less annoyance, more awesomeness’ to telephony.

I agree Google Voice is awesome.

Google Voice became awesome by looking at a system that had evolved but hadn’t changed much much of it’s core in 20 years.  As cell phones went from science fair project, to rich man’s toy, to a must have for 4 year old children voicemail stayed the same.  Google voice changed that, and made it better.

When considering starting, or continuing even, a business are you going to copy another companies business model?  If so, is that model current and progressive.  I don’t think the market needs another video rental chain, or fake starbucks.

The market is begging for innovation.

The market wants awesomeness.

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