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How Far Can $750 Take You?

What could you do with $750?

This photo was taken by affixing a pocket camera to a helium balloon.  The photographer, Robert Harrison, attached a Canon Sure Shot camera to a high altitude helium balloon.  The contraption made it 22 miles up before the balloon burst and deployed the parachute.  Harrison then recovered the camera using a GPS device he’d installed.

See more photos here.

This may not change the world for most of us but I still think it’s meaningful work.  Harrison made a choice to do something remarkable and although it was simple in design it took some skill and diligence to execute.  His photographs are now circulating around the world and reaching people that they may inspire.  They’ve inspired me.  Next time I go to spend anywhere near $750 I’ll remember that some guy in the UK spent that much to fly higher than a spy plane.

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