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Eliminating Noise

When I was in Boy Scouts we went on a trip to the Palomar Observatory.  While touring the giant dome that holds the massive telescope the guide told us that one of the biggest challenges the ginormous lenses were up against was, not distance or space or anything natural, but the lights from the city.  Light pollution apparently is a big problem for astronomers.  As cities grow and more and more hotels offer to ‘leave the light on for you’ the cosmos get harder and harder to explore.

Palomar Observatory at nightThe world is a noisy place these days and it’s not the noise we hear with our ears that’s the problem anymore.  We’re connected 24/7 via cell phones, twitter, facebook.  We used to watch tv when a show was on, now our DVR’s stealthily record hours of television and plea for us to pass our invaluable hours plopped down on the sofa with a tub of cheese balls.  Add to technology the demands on our time from jobs, school, church and other social activities and one hardly has time to remember which flowers are roses, let alone smell them.

I recently eliminated 50% of my daily incoming email and stopped email from automatically ‘pushing’ to my iPhone.  It’s like I just got a piece of my life back.  In my minds eye I can see the classic Apple commercial with the chick throwing the hammer through the giant screen.  I’ve got a little piece of me, a piece that was stolen by technology, back and oh how I missed it!

Eliminate noise and start (again) listening to the thoughts in your head.  You may have an idea that’s been trying to get out, and who knows, maybe that idea can change the world.

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