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Changing Views

He who never leaves his country is full of prejudices.
– Carlo Goldoni

Living in South Africa for two years changed me in many ways. One major lasting effect that it had on me was the knowledge that material goods have very little connection to ones happiness.

During my time in Africa I worked in a variety of locations, each with their own sub cultures and sometimes different languages. At one point I was in a wealthy suburb with guard gated communities, fancy cars, maids and even milk and bread delivery services. I remember sitting down as a dinner guest at one particular house and being taken back that each course of dinner was brought out at the ringing of a bell which the lady of the house kept next to her plate. A week later I was in a remote area outside of Bloemfontein and was working with the people that would have been grateful to answer the bell and have a job.

More surprisingly was that, after my initial callousness wore off, I realized that the people in the new area appeared to have greater happiness than many of the people I had known in the rich suburb.

I share this story and the above quote because I think some prejudices are only removed through experience. It is for this reason that I want to travel the world with my children and let them see and learn first hand how people live outside of Southern California.

Have you ever traveled somewhere that has changed you?

3 Responses to “Changing Views”

  1. Viwe Xozwa Says:

    My visit to the states changed my life forever. There were personal lessons that were part of the Lord’s curriculum for me. That is a subject for another day.
    What i do want to say is that you should not be beating yourself up because you were born in somewhat favorable conditions as others. I guess for me, like you, i got to see both sides of the coin. Is the grass greener on the other side? No. You have your money problems just as we have our money problems – just at different sides of the scale. I learnt more from your culture the meaning of an eternal family. I knew the facts but your culture opened me to how to implement the facts. I learnt how to relax, to have fun, to be true to myself, to serve, to care and to love.

  2. Tyler Says:

    Viwe, thank you for your comment. I didn’t mean to beat myself up for being born into relative comfort. I am eternally grateful for the favorable situations I have been blessed with. Seeing both sides of the coin does help me to gain a clearer perspective on where my personal happiness should originate from.

    What was your favorite part of the States?

  3. Viwe Xozwa Says:

    In all honesty, each area i visited (Vegas, Utah [especially Loa], Sacramento and Idaho falls) had its special reason why i loved it. It was the people that made it memorable. Seeing beloved friends made it all wonderful!

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