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If your car could fly

I love this concept, but I guess it had a bit of a tough go after it crashed during a test flight. Still, bring on the flying car!

in reference to:

“The Convaircar (image via: David Szondy) If you think the other flying cars all look a little too much like airplanes, join the club. Industrial Designer Henry Dreyfuss decided to design an actual flying car in 1947, and the Convaircar was the result. It was, quite literally, a car that could fly. The car itself sported a lightweight fiberglass body and could seat four. The wings and engine/propeller snapped onto the top of the car, and when not in use were towed behind the car. The idea was well-received until the vehicle crashed during a test flight, killing the pilot/driver and scaring potential investors (and prospective customers) off.”
Drive the Friendly Skies: The History of Flying Cars | Design + Ideas on WU (view on Google Sidewiki)

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