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Finishing the race

I usually blog with good news, and this one will end that way too. It’s been a tough season for me. A company that I had worked so hard to help build closed it’s doors last month. It’s never pleasant to see a company close, and it’s hard when I had to talk to so many employees about the end of the road. These aren’t the friendliest of job searching environments and I wish I could find jobs for each of the amazing people that worked with me. Additionally there is also the financial wake that is left behind to clean up when a company closes. My Father knows how hard its been on me and emailed me this today.

It’s painful, but with the help from the Almighty and caring family and friends the race can still be finished.

4 Responses to “Finishing the race”

  1. Jacobson Family Says:

    We have been thinking about you a lot lately! You WILL finish the race!!! 🙂 We love you!

  2. Viwe Xozwa Says:

    Ty, as i always say, you are an inspiration to me – always.

  3. Rey and Meegan Says:

    You can and will do it!! Prayers going your way.

  4. QnA Drapers Says:

    Youre an amazing person Tyler- you will finish on top. Hang in there- when you put Heavenly Father and your Family first- all things will fall into place. Hang in there.

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