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My "Good Friday" Experience

I talked a little while back on what I call ‘The Aladdin Syndrome’. Somebody felt, I assumed, that they had to eat and that my truck represented a little bread. Turns out it was a little less of the Aladdin Syndrome and a little more of the ‘Robin Hood Paradox’. The RHP is the concept that stealing from somebody that apparently had more than you do in an effort to equal things out actually lowers the thief’s state further despite the increase in wealth, goods, etc. My truck was recovered on Easter morning.

The suspects were seen with their (my) high beams on at 1:45am as they drove past an officer in the neighboring city of Ontario, CA. When the officer turned around to inspect he saw that there was a suspicious dealer plaque and ‘Hello Kitty’ license plate holder. He turned on his lights to pull the vehicle over. A high speed chase ensued ending in this:

The sad part about seeing my truck was seeing all of their beer, cologne, CD’s of filth and other items of ‘the World’ mixed in with remnants of my families memories. Although they were ‘rollin with the homies’ with the seats thrown back and open beer in the cup holders they didn’t take the time to clean up the Alpha-bits my kids had thrown the weekend before.

I feel for those that think it is acceptable and even justifiable to take that which is not theirs. Now I just hope the insurance company is nice regarding the valuation of the vehicle.

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