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Today is a special day in my house. My wife of nearly 6 years turned 31. We celebrated it with a little trip to Disneyland with my oldest daughter. Overall it was pretty fun.

I love how gleeful (haven’t used that word in a while) Taylor looks on the swings next to her Mom.

And at 31 my cute wife can still throw her hands up and have some fun.


I love you Tanya. Thank you for all of your support and dedication. I hope your birthday was great, but it isn’t over…

Oh, and we hung out with this guy (he walked past us) today at Disneyland. I was going to crop the picture but I love the face the scooter lady is making. Later on the same lady complemented me on my T-Shirt. True story. See you next time Kobe Bryant, maybe we can share a tea cup.

This may be too many pics in one post, but hey I was inspired by Kobe.

Space Ranger 1 actually had 1200 points, but I guess that’s not enough to register.

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