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A Thanksgiving Goodbye

Just before sitting down to dinner with my wife’s family I got a call from my Aunt and Uncle informing me that my Father’s Father had passed away. This was not entirely unexpected but still caught me a bit off guard. My Grandfather was 94 years old and had been very strong well into his 80’s. A while back he was diagnosed with Leukemia and in the end had at least 3 types of cancer. I am confident that it was his “time to go”, as they say. No amount of preparation can truly prepare one for the moment when death visits a family member. I find myself reflecting on memories of my Grandfather and also on the legacy that I am currently establishing for my posterity. That legacy is what remains when it’s our time to pass on, and I don’t plan on leaving anything behind that isn’t phenomenal.

A few months ago we went to visit my Grandfather and introduce him to his only Great Grandson that shares his last name.

So, in addition to the US Flag Code Section 4 I am also grateful for a loving God that has a plan for us. Hug the ones you love.

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