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Goodbye to my Treo

Dear John… I mean Treo,

I know we’ve both felt this for sometime. The disconnect between us has been growing for a couple of years now. We’ve both tried to work on our relationship. When our relationship first struggled with the 600 we went to counseling and I upgraded to the 650, again a while later when I upgraded to the 680. I know that give and take is needed in any relationship, so I have been patiently giving knowing that time is needed for personal growth and product development. Most recently it has seemed like there just wasn’t enough battery life in our time together. You wouldn’t call when you said you would and I just couldn’t count on you to get turned on no matter how hard I tried to push your buttons. I know many couples face this and work through it, so I feel I must tell you that there is another device in my life now. One that listens to me, whose buttons are far more simpler to push and responds so much more intuitively to my every touch. I know that it’s hard to put blame on anybody here, and just know that it’s not you… it’s me. I wanted more in a relationship…

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