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Padres – The Good & The Bad

This past weekend my parents (the good Padres) took my wife and me down to San Diego for a belated birthday present. We went to see the Padres game at Petco Park and we treated to a full tour of the stadium before the game. While we were waiting for the tour Mr. Padres himself walked by and shook a few hands. I didn’t think he’d remember me from our meeting in 1995 so I didn’t mention anything, but we go way back. The Padres (the baseball team… aka the ‘bad’ ones) didn’t have too great of a game. The couldn’t hit the pitches the 12 year old was throwing I guess. The pitcher for the Giants was a 23 year old kid with a rocket for an arm. He shut out the Padres but it was still a great night of baseball.

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