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Film and TV – I’m famous times dos

The world tuned in to ABC a few weeks ago to watch my Network Television debut, only to find that I was nearly edited out completely from the episode of WIPEOUT in which I participated. It may not come as a shock to you that, although this was my TV debut, this sort of thing is not unusual for a massive star such as myself. Didn’t you know I was already famous prior to WIPEOUT?

In 1997 I was in the movie CONTACT. Yep, Foster, McConaughey and Jorgenson all in one epic saga about a message from outer space, headphones and large satelite dishes.

Here’s the video of my superstardom

Filming the movie with other celebrities was quite enjoyable and rewarding. I even got a free long sleeved white shirt with a Contact logo on it, along with $450!Ok, so I’m not famous… nor was I in 1997. My High School choir used the directors need for extras as a fundraising tool and so we got $150 a day and got out of school all to raise money to go to DisneyWorld. Sounds like we had our priorities right where they should be. And yes, that really is me in the black hat and brown shirt.

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