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Under the weather

I don’t get sick very often. Maybe once a year I’ll have a headache or something. Late last week I started to feel a bit sluggish and then my glands started swelling. I went in to the Dr. yesterday and they did a rapid strep test which came back negative. Then they gave me a nice shot in the bum (antibiotic in case it was strep) and took some blood to check for Mono. Mono? Who gets mono? Well, they called today and apparently not me. I don’t have strep and I don’t have mono. I just can’t stay awake for more than a couple of hours, it hurts like mad to swallow and I have no energy.

Which brings me to the point of my post. Help. I need some home remedies for something that seems a lot like Strep Throat. I’ve gargled salt water already, but I’m open to anything. I just want to get better so I can play with my kids and help my wife around the house. Come on all of you Moms out there, give me your home remedies.

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