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Husbands today and WIPEOUT

Two quick things. My sister had this test on her blog, so I thought I’d see how I measured up against husbands of the 1930’s. To be totally fair, my wife would need to take this for me but I tried to answer honestly.


As a 1930s husband, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

What’s funny is that I was just recently considering how much more Men do these days. This is not a sexist argument. I am not saying that Men do more than Women. My wife is an amazing, remarkable woman. How she takes the kids shopping alone is enough to earn her a Super Mom badge. I was watching an old show and saw the Dad just kicking back in a lounger reading the paper after a day at the office and chuckled to myself. When I come in it’s kids around the ankles, roll up the sleeves and help any way I can. I think this is how most Men are these days. We’re more domesticated than our Grandfathers were.


WIPEOUT starts tonight. I’m not on until July 29th, but it should still be a fun show to watch.

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