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Allow me to introduce you

Last weekend my wife and I took off to our favorite local getaway destination. Apparently we didn’t name the place, so I thought I’d share what makes the Marriott Newport Beach Hotel & Spa our favorite local hotel.

So here’s my top 10 list.

10. They comp us in some way every time we go there. Seriously, everything from room upgrades, fruit plates, cookie plates, VOSS water, etc.
9. The staff is always exceptionally polite. The free in room amenities aren’t for making up for a lousy customer experience, they just enhance it. (sorry to end the sentence with a preposition grammar people.)
8. Pure Blu Spa. We haven’t had a bad massage yet
7. Pure Blu Spa. It has it’s own pool, away from the noise of the family pool. The double lounges under private cabanas are a perfect place to order a light lunch too after a massage and a swim.
6. Pure Blu Spa. Cold water foot bath, hot tubs, sauna, fancy shampoo, the relaxation room with tons of magazines, the individually packed combs, and the little glass Q-tip holder… the list goes on.
5. The view.
4. Location. Walking distance to all the restaurants and shops that Fashion Island has to offer.
3. Location. A very short drive to Balboa, my favorite beach town.
2. Atmosphere. The rooms are relaxing, the air is energizing, the views are inspiring and the ambiance is soothing.
1. Great memories of time ‘away’ with the girl I love.

So well done Marriott, you’ve created a stellar product there in Newport. We’ll be back as soon as we can.

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