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Founding Fathers

I just started reading another book, Sharing The Wealth by Alex Spanos, owner of the Chargers. I’ve only read the forward and the first chapter but I am thoroughly enjoying it. Rush Limbaugh wrote the forward in this book about Spanos, who became America’s number 1 builder of apartments from extremely humble beginnings. Here is one quote I loved:

“Two things separate America from the rest of the world. First is our freedom. Second is our Founding Fathers and their brilliance in constructing a Constitution that is itself founded on the notion of the yearning of the human spirit. Our Founding Fathers knew that this spirit is part of our creation. That spirit, that yearning for freedom, comes from God, not from other men granting it to some and not to others, and they wrote a Constitution that limits not the freedom of the American people but rather the power of those we elect to govern us. This is the framework from which individual greatness grows, and to understand this is to understand the roots of this country’s amazing success.”
– Rush Limbaugh

I wish more people had the same level of respect for the Constitution and the Founding Fathers.

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