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Cogito, ergo sum – For those that speak Latin

Which do you prefer?

Cogito cogito ergo cogito sum


Cogito, ergo sum

The shirt to the right cracks me up. A while back I read a post on some blog somewhere that many people blog not because they expect a lot of readers but because they feel a sense of accomplishment when they click the ‘publish post’ button. How weird are we as a people that we feel a level of validation from such a thing. I’m not much of a blue collar working with my hands and sweating all day type of a guy and I do feel good when I create something that I can look back on and see the fruits of my labor. I guess that means I blog for me… even though all this time I thought I was blogging for you, the reader… or at least I thought I was doing it for us. Maybe that’s still it. I know that people feel all warm and fuzzy when they get comments left from visitors. This little blog of mine had over 50 visitors (not many, but hey I’m not complaining) the other day and few comments. Do we blog to interact? Do we blog to share? Do we blog just so that there is some evidence that we once existed… blogito ergo sum?

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