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Remembering Names

My wife and I just moved our family to a new (bigger) house. Along with trying to get everything unpacked, organized, decorated, etc there is also the issue of meeting new people. We have a couple of friends that moved here before us but there are a host of people that we are get to meet. In meeting new people I am always trying to remember everybody’s names. I know that I feel good, important even, when someone remembers my name after just one introduction and I want people to know that I think they are important by remembering their names too. I found a website with a few name remembering tips. Here’s a sample:

Begin by making a commitment — a conscious decision — to remember people’s names.

Don’t let yourself off easy, blaming a “bad memory.” Forgetting names is due less to a bad memory than to a lack of application. Tell yourself — because it’s true — that you can remember names if you want to and if you work at it.

Next time you’re in a business or social setting make it a point to remember names, it makes people feel special.

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