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Busy Week

This is going to be a crazy week. I have 4 deals in escrow, 3 purchases and one sale. I am putting together the funding for 2 of the purchases to close them cash, trying to get the financing in place for the other two deals, getting ready to go to Hawaii on Saturday, meeting with a possible Trust Deed investor, meeting with a potential buyer, etc. It should be a busy but productive week.
Recently I have been thinking about how much life is like one big game. There are players, levels, opponents, strategies, tricks, cheaters, evil villains, power ups, etc. I haven’t found any extra lives yet, but I’m just playing hard with the one I have. I am simultaneously reading about 4 books right now. I don’t normally do that, but each one is so jam packed with awesome information. It’s like stumbling on the cheat book for a video game. There are so many invaluable resources available to improve our skill set for the game that we are all playing. Enough ranting, but I’m sure I’ll return to this concept in a later post.

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