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Newport Coast

I have an amazing wife, and this weekend I had her all to myself. It took two sets of Grandparents to make it happen, but between them all we got a couple of nights to ourselves down at Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas in, well, Newport Coast. This place is truly beautiful and inspiring. I have been able to clear my head of a lot of the stresses of life and focus on some goals. We went to Emerald Cove (I think that’s the name) and walked along the beach a bit today. I was upset that neither of us brought our phones or camera so we couldn’t take some pictures of the great little beach with amazing water and a perfectly blue sky. We walked out along the rocks around a point and found a cool little cove with sand comprised of millions of broken mussels shells. The water there was crystal clear and the whole thing was stunning. As we walked along the beach and subsequently drove along many of the streets of Laguna Beach it was inspiring to a capitalist such as myself. To see the balance of nature and human ‘improvements’ was great. I found a couple of hotels that need renovating and a new marketing plan, a few homes whose current state is seriously under utilizing the precious land that they occupy… it was truly captivating.

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