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There are things that people say we were born to do. Some people are born to be epic sports stars. Others born to be doctors that help heal. I was a born entrepreneur. For years I’ve been building businesses, launching products and developing websites and I love what I do. With increasing frequency I am asked to help others in the process and I love sharing anything I can to help somebody on their entrepreneurial journey.  Now, more than ever before, I have a system in place to best help people succeed along this path.

Four Sail, Inc

Four Sail Specializes in the Following Four Areas:

Strategy | Marketing | Branding | Product Development

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Fighting Resistance

Back in April I wrote about The Battle.  The War rages on.

Resistance continues to wield it’s bloody sword in it’s effort to keep us from our potential.

But, it hasn’t won.

Remember that I’m here for the war. Join me in the fight and let’s build something epic together.

Resistance St Martin

Some quotes on Resistance:

“Resistance is always lying and always full of shit.”
Steven Pressfield,
“Rule of thumb: The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.”
Steven Pressfield,
“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.”
Steven Pressfield
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No Food Allowed


Originally posted on BizNinja.org on April 14, 2011

This picture was taken just over a year ago in the lobby of the hospital where my youngest son had just been born.  I was sent to the cafeteria vending machines to find something palatable for the tired mother of my adorable baby boy.  My sister, who is so sweet, dropped off a Jamba Juice so I had to put things down in order to figure out how to carry it all.

No Food Allowed

I understand that a hospital is a place where crumbs may not be wanted but the rest of the rest of the lobby was a ‘food ok’ zone.  This table, with its free magazines and hospital fliers was apparently worthy of this custom made tent placard.

Break The Rules

There are times when obeying the rules is a good idea.  Not smoking at the gas pump is a great rule to obey as is not climbing into the lion exhibit at the zoo but sometimes it’s important to break the rules a bit.  Our school systems teach kids that the only way to get a good grade is by memorization and not sharing.  The real world is a lot more open and comparing notes during a test in life is usually a great way to get to a better solution.

What Now?

Don’t go breaking any laws and say that ‘that guy on the internet’ told you to.  Instead pay attention to situations where you feel your inhibitions stop you from taking a step towards a worthwhile goal and break the rule you previously made for yourself that said you don’t take risks.  Scared of speaking in public?  Join Toastmasters.  Never tried Sushi?  Call me and I’ll take you to my favorite place for the Tyler Roll.  Been waiting to apply for that big promotion?  Take the leap.  Break the rules.  It’s your turn.

PS. Happy Birthday to my amazing son!

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Littering is not advertising



Originally Posted on BizNinja.org on March 28, 2011

I was reminded of this picture from last year when I went to my mailbox today and found business cards stuffed in the front of each box.  Most of the cards had already fallen to the ground and been blown around.  The picture above is of a real estate agent’s flier that was designed to be hung on a front door.  It was blown down the street in the wind where it landed on my car and got wet in the rain that followed.  The flier got stuck to my car, the colors bled and it took a wax and buff in order to get the ink removed from my car.

Littering is NOT Advertising.

I will never call this real estate agent with the desire to do business because he littered my neighborhood.  When you’re looking for ways to market your business think of ways that will stand out and be appreciated.  Door hangers have a success rate that is high enough that they continue to be a constant tool by real estate agents, gardeners, cleaning services and pizza joints but that doesn’t mean they are the best solution.

Get creative and don’t just do what the guy before you did.

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push vs pull

Originally posted on BizNinja.org March 9, 2011

Laguna Beach, CA – Photo by Tyler Jorgenson

Push vs Pull

Last week I drove in from the beach to do the radio show.  Right before I left I took the above picture of an area in the rocks where the water seemed to be in a constant battle with itself.  The wave would come crashing up through the channel and just as it was starting to recede back into the ocean a new wave would come powering through and the two would battle it out until, finally, the incoming wave prevailed and the water came gently washing up to where I was standing.

A Parable

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve been immersed in marketing over the past few months out at USC but I saw this as a bit of a parable.  In marketing there are, traditionally, two forms of taking a product to market.  The first is to “push” it to market through retailers, distributors or other established distribution channels.  The second is to “pull” the market to your product through direct advertising.  Picture billboards, TV and Radio commercials, mailers and other expensive and flashy marketing hoopla.

Enter The Age of Modern Marketing

Although those two types of product marketing exist today I see a different type of “push” and “pull” happening thanks to the flourishing social media channels.  I call social media “The New Pull” and I’ll tell you why.

The social aspect of social media is what makes it so amazingly powerful.  The ability to engage a customer and connect with them at an individual level allows a company to deepen customer loyalty to a level that has never existed before.  A company opening a Twitter account but then just constantly pushing information out is missing the point.  It’s about engaging the consumer.


My favorite good example happened to me a little over a year ago.  I went to Home Depot to get a part I needed and was frustrated that they didn’t have it.  At the time I was testing out FourSquare (which I opted against using long term) and posted through that site to Twitter a note expressing my frustration.  Within an hour a representative from Home Depot contacted me and asked me if there was anything they could do to help me locate the part.


A bad example is PayPal.  They have a twitter account but from everything I can gather it is used like a bullhorn, one way, and not a way to engage their customers.  I think this happens when a company has dominate market share and isn’t worried about a few people being frustrated that PayPal shut their accounts down without warning and held their funds for 180 days.  Sure, it’s in their Terms and Conditions but an explanation would be nice.

The New Pull

If you’re going to be on social media sites, you have to be social.  Remember what your Mom always told you and mind your manners.  If somebody tweets something good about you say thank you.  If you let somebody down say you’re sorry and do better next time.  Being polite in business is what social media is all about.

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Radio Killed the Video Star



Originally Posted on BizNinja.org on February 24, 2011

Yesterday was my first live radio show and it went.  Yes, that’s it… it went.  I don’t think it was absolutely horrible but there is definitely a lot of room for improvement.  Luckily I have an opportunity to improve next week with episode 2.

I don’t know what I expected with the show and went in a bit more unorganized that planned.  There was a lot of ambiguity about how everything would happen with the show engineer and the station manager.  In order to figure it out I just jumped in with both feet.

Perhaps the most surprising thing was the amazing support I received from friends by logging on and listening.

I talked about it a little in the show today, but just barely touched on it really.   The last couple years have been really tough for me and the support from so many people meant more than I can adequately communicate.  If you were one of the people that listened on AM radio, streaming over the internet, texted me before, during or after the show, sent facebook wishes or questions or any other sort of support THANK YOU.  It means a lot to me to have so many thoughtful people in my life.

Lessons Learned From Episode 1

1. Wearing the headphones while on air does a great job of muffling out the other sounds in the studio but they also make it so all you hear when you’re talking is your own voice.  This took a bit of time to get used to.

2. Sitting at a table with a microphone and talking into space is kind of weird.

3. People liked it more when I spoke off script than when I read.  I did too.

4. I could have had a laptop up and running during the show.  That would have saved a couple of trees by not printing off a bunch of my old blog posts as backup material.

5. I need to come up with a sign off.

6. Have somebody to talk to, even if it’s the engineer.  Just another voice to break up my talking helps.

7. Take questions earlier.  I didn’t feel like I’d gotten into a groove until the whole thing felt more like a conversation.

8. Bring water.  Talking makes me thirsty.

9. Relax and let the show flow.

If you haven’t already enter for a chance to win $75 in adwords credit.  If you win, I’ll even help you set up your first ad campaign.

I’ll have the podcast up soon and of course you can listen next week as we air episode 2.

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What is the internet, anyway?

Originally posted on BizNinja.org February 8, 2011


If you’re older than 25 you probably remember what life was like before the internet became a main part of our lives.  Mike Stelzner of the Social Media Examiner shared this video on their facebook page today and I love it for two reasons.

1. It reminds me how far we’ve come in such a short period.
2. The quotes in the video, ‎a. “What is the internet, anyway?” and “Allison, can you explain what internet is?” shows how ambiguous the web was to people in 1994, even supposedly educated and informed news folk.

In the 17-year-old clip former “Today” show hosts Katie Couric, Bryant Gumbel and Elizabeth Vargas talk about the new ‘internet address’ that was showing up on the screen.

Every once in a while you still find somebody that puts down an email for a website address but these days terms like URL and ISP are pretty well known.

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I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.Michael Jordan

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The Battle

A friend once lent me a Steven Pressfield book called The War of Art. In the book Pressfield talks about something called Resistance. Resistance is that force that keeps us away from our full potential. Somedays we encounter it as laziness and other times we find Resistance dressed in the clothes of routine. The point is that, if we want to make anything of ourselves, we must fight Resistance in this long battle of personal development.

I look back on this blog and feel a spectrum of emotions wash over me. I feel sadness for not writing more. I feel pride for many of the posts since many of them tell stories of past battles. I feel shame for some of the posts seem silly or condescending through the lens of time.  I feel joy for the times I shared about my family.  But the emotion I expected least of all, the one that is catching me off guard like a punch in the gut, is that of fear.

I’m scared.

I’m scared that Resistance has been winning.

I’m scared that I’m operating below my potential.

What scares me most of all is I’m not sure how long Resistance has been winning.

The Shift

In the 2013 movie ‘Jobs’ Ashton Kutcher, playing legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs says to a project lead:

Ok Jeff, let’s get a couple of things straight, we don’t do fine, we don’t accept things the way that they are and we don’t stop innovating.  

In the movie I was reminded of an old Steve Jobs photo where he’s on his desk and there is a simple black poster with the word THINK written in rainbow colors and block font.

Ok Jeff, let’s get a couple of things straight, we don’t do fine, we don’t  accept things the way that they are and we don’t stop innovating.

That poster along with the quote I just shared seem to have awoken something within me.

I don’t accept fine.

I don’t accept things the way that they are.

I never stop innovating.

Let the battle rage on. I’m here for the war.

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I’m old.

I’m old, and I’m white.

I’m old, I’m white, and I’ve never been good at jumping.

Something happened earlier this year. At the end of January I decided I wasn’t going to be fat and out of shape any longer.  I had been looking for something that would give me the right mix of community, competition and variety so that I could actually stick with fitness seeing that I’d given it a 2-3 day go once or twice over the 12 years of general sedentary living and had always ended up going back to the cheese dip and couch surfing rather quickly.

Enter CrossFit

I heard about it at a relatively random business dinner with the creator of FitBook, the affiliate at CrossFit Vibe and the owners of FitnessTown. The dinner was amazing and I noticed that although everybody enjoyed great food they also didn’t eat the bread or mashed potatoes. Just great steak and veggies. I was eating a similar way thanks to Tim Ferriss’ slow carb diet but these guys called it Paleo and they ate this way due to some weird cult called CrossFit.  To say that dinner changed my life would not be an exaggeration. It was a couple months later but it was due to that evening that I started CrossFit at the amazingly run and incredibly supportive CrossFit Chino Hills.

I was hooked on CrossFit pretty much right away and a few weeks later got my wife to leave that ‘globo-gym’ and come try it out. She kicked my butt right away and so my first goal was to stop getting beat in workouts by my wife.

I lost 35 lbs in the first few months and my pecs started looking less and less like boobs. This was working and I was actually getting in shape… and enjoying it.

Over the past 3 months I competed in 4 different CrossFit events. Three of them linked in a series called The NLI. My first competition I placed 45th out of 90. Not bad for a recovering couch and cheese dip a holic. 6 weeks later I got 30th and last weekend I somehow pulled off a 9th place finish barely hitting my goal of a top 10 placing.  I just pulled up the site while I was typing this and found that I ended up placing 7th out of 158 for the entire series. (full disclaimer, some people didn’t compete in all 3 weekends)

The Point

Go out and do something. You’re not too old, too out of shape, too poor, too weak, too anything.  Start now, on whatever it is you’ve been putting off for the past 12 years like I did. Go.

“You’ll be on your way up!
You’ll be seeing great sights!
You’ll join the high fliers
who soar to high heights.”
-Dr. Seuss

Am I the best jumper in the world now? Nope.

Am I the best jumper in a competition of 90 people. Nope.

But, I was better than 60 of them and a heck of a lot better than I was before.


A special shout out to Angela, Dai and Jeffrey. Thank you.


Failure – 31 DoBA – Day 23

I just noticed that this is post #23 of the 31 Days of Blog Awesomeness.  It’s a bit serendipitous then that this is the topic for the day.  Failure.  This quote has been one of my favorites for a long time.

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.Michael Jordan

See the video here: http://blog.tylerjorgenson.com/2011/01/failure-31-doba-day-23/

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No Excuses – 31 DoBA – Day 22

Have you ever heard the saying comparing excuses to your backside?  Everybody has them, and they all stink.

Watch this video and tell me if anything sounds familiar.

Just Do It.

If you’re reading this on Facebook or in a feed reader you may need to click through to the original post.

No Excuses – 31 DoBA – Day 22

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Start – 31 DoBA – Day 21

Since you got a “How to” type post yesterday you get a deep thoughts type post today.

One of the things that I battle with, as I am sure many of us do, is procrastination.  One time I was so lazy I didn’t even procrastinate for 3 whole days.  Most of the time I procrastinate by keeping busy on something else that is usually less important.  I prefer to work on stuff that matters, but sometimes other things are easier.  I read this quote the other day and it made me think about working on stuff that matters right away.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar

I’ve had an idea for a while that I haven’t been doing much with.  I feel it’s a great idea but I worry that it’s too big of a challenge for me.  I’m resolved to start and get better and better as I go along.

What are you waiting for?  The starting gun already went off.  GO!

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How to Make a Facebook Page – 31 DoBA – Day 20

Let’s get one thing clear right away.  Facebook profiles are for people and facebook pages are for businesses.  I’ve actually heard of Facebook shutting down profiles that are used for commercial purposes.  If you’re currently using a profile for your business don’t let fear motivate you to change.  Facebook pages come built in with some analytics and have a lot of tools available to them that profiles don’t.  There is a LOT you can do with a page and profiles are very limited.

[steps off soap box]

Now on to our feature presentation: How to Make a Facebook Page

Yes, the awesome intro sound effects are all me baby.

See you tomorrow!

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First Rate – 31 DoBA – Day 19

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” – Judy Garland

It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to be ‘like’ somebody else.  A charismatic boss, a successful friend or some other person of significance are great people to emulate.  In the end, though, remember that you are your own person.  You have a unique blend of talents unlike any other person.
Be yourself, just be your best self.

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Study Shows that Entrepreneurial Skills are Hereditary

This is a guest post by Stuart Draper, founder of Get Found First.  Stuart is the brother of my sister’s husband.  He’s my brother-in-law’s little brother.  Whichever way you want to say it he’s a great entrepreneur and runs a growing SEO/PPC/SEM company.   This is his post:Study Shows that Entrepreneurial Skills are HereditaryNormally, I blog about PPC Management on my website, but I’m excited to talk today about entrepreneurial matters and the relationship it may or may not have to family relationships.  About a week ago I was reading a blog post by Neil Patel, a young, successful entrepreneur who has created multi-million dollar businesses.  In his post, he tells his story, and mentions that his mom and dad, and other members of his extended family were entrepreneurial and that it “runs in the family” to be an entrepreneur.  It made me think about my entrepreneurial story, and where I got mine from.

My dad is a great man!  He has provided very well for 8 children (yes…really…I have 8 siblings), who are now all happily married.  He paid for all 8 sets of orthodontic braces, all of our annual family trips, all of our fun traditions like going boating and camping, and even paid for a percentage of every child’s college education.  He did that working for the man. In many ways he has an entrepreneurial spirit, but he has always worked for someone Else’s company.  I guess more than anything, he never ventured off on his own because the opportunity never presented itself. You have a lot of very big bills when you are the father of 8 kids, and the security of a set monthly income is hard to leave. Without going into as much detail with the rest. Take a look at this list of family members and their jobs:

Brother-In-Law (B.I.L) Mike Hadfield: Founder of Summit Northwest – Construction Company
B.I.L. Marcus Stones: Owner of Stones Family Dental – A Dentist in Salem Oregon
Brother Quinn Draper: Owner of  Draper Orthodontics – An Orthodonist in Woodland, WA
B.I.L. Ryan Pierce: VP of a Bank
B.I.L. Jason Bates: VP of Swift Transportation – The semi-trucks you see all over the country
Me: Stuart Draper: Founder of Multiple Businesses including, The Christmas Light Guys, Get Found First, and The One-Man Hitch
Brother Tyler Draper: College Student – Wants to be an EMT
Brother Travis Draper: College Student – Wants to be a Nurse Anesthetist

Grandpa Draper: Was a banker
Uncle Roland Ogden: Owns an OK Tire franchise
Uncle Dave Draper: Professor of Sports Medicine at BYU
Grandpa Jones: Was a banker and an insurance salesman
Uncle Craig Brady: Founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar printing business
Uncle Dave Jones: Sales Manager
Uncle Brent Jones: Works for Delta Airlines
Uncle Frank Prater: Founder of City 1st Mortgage in Salt Lake
Uncle Rod Jones: Founder and Broker of Idaho’s Real Estate

And on my wife’s side of the family:

Grandpa Webb: Was a high school teacher
Father-In-Law Richie Webb: Partner in Hemming Properties and Part-Owner of Multiple Five Guys Franchises
Uncle Chad Webb: Educator
Uncle Jeff Hemmingsen: Owner of Dunes Dental for Kids in South Dakota
Uncle Brad Unsicker: Founder of Wyn Medical, A successful medical supplies company
Uncle Keith Larson: Partner in Engineering Firm
Uncle Tom Oniki: Marketing for large tech company
Uncle Kurt Webb: Mall Manager for Simon
Uncle Ryan Webb: Educator
Uncle Levi: Military – Air Force

Grandpa Crandall: Founder of CPA Firm
Uncle Kent Oseen: Owner of CPA Firm
Uncle Steve Crandall: Owner of CPA Firm and Part-Owner of Multiple Five Guys Franchises
Uncle Mike: Self-Employed IT Guy
Uncle Rob Crandall: Partner of a CPA Firm
Uncle Alex Tavares: Part owner of multiple businesses in Brazil
B.I.L. Adam Morris: Partner in CPA Firm —His dad owns his own Probate Law Firm in Las Vegas
B.I.L. Nathan Webb: Student

My point in sharing all of this is to show you just how ridiculously large my family is!  Okay, not really. What I wanted to show was just how much of my immediate and extended family are entrepreneurial.  Here are the stats:

Of the four grandpas, 1 out of 4 were entrepreneurs.
Of my dad and father-in-law, 1 out of 2 are entrepreneurs.
Of my uncles, 12 out of 20 are entrepreneurs at some level.
Of my brothers, myself, and my brothers-in law, 5 out of 10 are entrepreneurs at some level.
Of all 36 men, 20 are entrepreneurs.

55% of the men in 3 generations of my family and my wife’s family are entrepreneurs.

Is it in my blood?  Is being an entrepreneur hereditary? Maybe.  Maybe not.  I am not going to jump to conclusions.  There are soooo many other factors that determine the makings of an entrepreneur.  I do not categorize my dad as an entrepreneur, but I definitely have developed a lot of the attributes of an entrepreneur that he has.  Sure my dad is not an entrepreneur because he has never started his own business, but he has a lot of the same traits of an entrepreneur.

Is it contagious.  I would argue no.  It takes a lot more than being around, and in some cases even living with, an entrepreneur to become one!  That said, for me, being around so many successful entrepreneurs has given me more hunger to have success building my own businesses.

Can it be developed?  Of this, I am certain.  Look at my family.  Dentists are scientists, yet a lot of them develop the necessary attributes to be outstanding entrepreneurs. Construction workers are handymen, but so many find a way to start their own businesses.  CPAs know how to crunch numbers and remember tax law, but they develop the necessary attributes to start their own business.  Remember, not all entrepreneurs seek out millions in VC funding to start their business.  Of all of my family that are entrepreneurs, only 2 of the 20 have received funding for their projects.

Maybe I have rambled a little.  Maybe this has been a little too personal, but I hope that you have found it to be insightful and eye opening.

So, what are the numbers for your family?  How many are entrepreneurs?  What type of entrepreneurs are they?

Stuart Draper
Founder, CEO

Office: (208) 991-3463

Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/getfoundfirst
Connect with me on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/studraper

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