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How To Set Up A Website- Volume 4 – 31 DoBA – Day 16

What should you consider when picking a wordpress theme? Everything in a theme is customizable so look more for the structure than the colors. Themes that make it easy to change options like colors, widgets, column locations, etc make customizing your site much easier.

How To Set Up A Website – Volume 3 – 31DoBA Day 7

Now that you’ve set up your host, installed wordpress, added a theme and customized the site settings a bit it’s time to add some plugins. There are a LOT of plugins to chose from and there’s no way I can cover them all but here are a few that I find myself installing every time I set up a new site.

How To Set Up A Website – Volume 2

I got a lot of really good responses to my last post on how to set up a website. It included the basics of getting your host and securing a domain name. Now that you have your host and own a domain let’s set up a professional looking website in less than 5 minutes.

How To Set Up A Website – Volume 1

So, you’ve decided that you don’t want to rely on a blogspot domain or some other free service.  You want to roll deep and go big like the pros.  Good for you.  Here’s a step by step guide on how to set up your host and buy your first domain. Getting your website host and […]

Dreamhost Coupon Codes

If you’ve read my tutorials on how to set up your own website (Vol 1 and Vol 2) you know that I use Dreamhost for a lot of my website hosting.  If you’re looking at signing up with Dreamhost here are some cool coupon codes that Dreamhost just sent me.   Update on 2/19/2011 the two […]

$25 for signing up – that’s at least 3 gallons of gas!

I heard about this company about 4 months ago but I was pretty skeptical. I mean who would really give you $25 just for signing up by creating an account on their site? I clicked on the link and started to fill out an account when I noticed that it asked for my SSN. I […]

31 Days of Blog Awesomeness

In late December 2010 I decided to write a post on my blog each day of January.  I wanted to answer questions that I get asked often but also wanted to do it as an exercise in self discipline.  Below is a table of contents of the posts. Day 0 – The Big Announcement Day […]

Study Shows that Entrepreneurial Skills are Hereditary

This is a guest post by Stuart Draper, founder of Get Found First. Stuart is the brother of my sister’s husband. He’s my brother-in-law’s little brother. Whichever way you want to say it he’s a great entrepreneur and runs a growing SEO/PPC/SEM company.

Followers, Fans and Connections – 31 DoBA – Day 11

Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, LinkedIn, Yelp and the list goes on, and on, and on. Social websites have become a huge part of our lives. In social media what is more important, quantity or quality?

The Big Announcement

Each day in January I will have a blog post on something that you, my wonderful readers, want to learn more about. If you don’t ask or share with me what you want to hear I’ll just post something that I think is cool. It will be more fun if you give me the topics. Do you want to learn more about facebook fan pages? Facebook adverstising? Setting up a website? Motivation? Manufacturing? Hypnosis? Training your dog? If I don’t know the answer off hand (I have zero dog training experience) I’ll research it or bring in an expert to help.

Remembering Names

My wife and I just moved our family to a new (bigger) house. Along with trying to get everything unpacked, organized, decorated, etc there is also the issue of meeting new people. We have a couple of friends that moved here before us but there are a host of people that we are get to […]