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The Aladdin Syndrome

With the economy in the proverbial toilet I have been telling a few people about my theory that I call The Aladdin Syndrome. In one of the first scenes of the popular Disney cartoon Aladdin the title character steals bread because he’s ‘gotta eat’. It is interesting to me that this stealing is never condemned in the movie, in fact Aladdin is the one whose ‘worth lies deep within’ and is the ‘diamond in the rough’. As unemployment climbs well into the double digits and the realities of the economy begin to hit more people I predict we will see a drastic increase in theft. People feel justified in breaking the 8th commandment. Last Friday, the 10th of April 2009, I was at a lunch meeting and came out to find that my truck had been stolen. I wasn’t upset. In fact I was surprisingly calm, according to the deputy taking the report. I told the officer that I was more concerned for the person whose life was in such a situation that they felt their best choice on that Good Friday was to take a vehicle that did not belong to them.

I felt very blessed to have a spare car to drive until the fate of the truck was discovered. I received a call at 6:45 Easter morning to inform me that the truck had been recovered in a neighboring city, that it had sustained damage and that it was being held for evidence. An officer from the Ontario Police Department is on his way to my office to get a consent to do some detective work on the vehicle. I will post more pictures and information once I know get more.

And for your visual enjoyment:

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